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G.I.V.E. Night



As our first major community event, G.I.V.E. began preparing for a charity concert from the summer of 2018. This event aimed towards promoting what our organization is about to the Fullerton community. Through this concert, we hoped to reach out to a wider range of audiences and raise awareness about what our organization does.

From making posters to designing invitations to organizing our venue location and date, our volunteers worked out a thorough plan of what preparations this concert would need. Through ticket sales and fundraisers, we gathered funds to purchase instruments so our young students could borrow and practice their music pieces at home. Our volunteer performers also formed an ensemble to practice the repertoire every week.

All the time and hard work came to pay off on the night of the concert. The event began with welcoming speeches from the Boys & Girls Club of Fullerton Board President Jim Miller and Chief Executive Officer Brett Ackerman. Our volunteers successfully showcased solo and ensemble pieces. Along with professional guest performers, our Director Huh also gave a spectacular performance for our audience.

With wholehearted support from the Boys & Girls Club of Fullerton, our volunteers were able to use the Fullerton Community Center's Grand Ballroom as our venue, free of charge, and promote our event to families who come to the center. Morey's Music Store also provided us with donations, providing G.I.V.E. the financial means to purchase instruments for the learning and performing students. We would like to thank our supporters, who helped make this unforgettable night possible.

For more pictures, check out our gallery page!


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